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Monday, November 29, 2010

how to setup a bridge mode using linksys wag54g

1: Log into the router from your computer
..Open a browser (Internet Exploreror, Mozilla Firefox etc.) and type in the address bar.

2. The browser should ask you for username and password, use username: admin and password: admin (these are the default for Linksys routers, refer to your manual if they don't work)

3. for encapsulation, select bridge mode..

..disable the dhcp..

4. click save settings and restart the router.

..that all of it,you can now connect your source internet modem to your linksys router. connect lan cable from your modem to ethernet port of linksys.

To setup wireless connectivity

1. Click on Wireless.
2. Configure the following under Basic Wireless Settings
..Name (SSID): Enter what you want to name your wireless network
..--Leave the other settings are per default--
3. Click Save Settings to save all the settings.

4.Click on Wireless Security.
5.Under "Security Mode" select WEP and the WEP menu will open up.
6.Enter in any passphrase and press Generate to generate a few keys. Select one and write it down. You will have to enter this key for any computer looking to connect to this network.
7. Click Save Settings to save the settings.

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